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Mineral deposits in the region of Tukums

Price 200 000,00 EUR

Land Size 226000.00 m2

Property description :

Mineral deposits are for sale. The plat area is 22.6 ha.

The property consists of two sand and gravel deposits: Vecakoti (15.23 ha) and Vecakoti II (5.18 ha). The mineral deposits have been researched and certified. The mineral deposits extraction permits have been issued. Vecakoti II is certified as category ‘A’, i.e. further geologic study is not required. 

The total quantity of the mineral deposits for extraction:
- sand – 1,540.96 thousand m3;
- sand and gravel – 596.8 thousand m3.

Location of the property
The property is located in the region of Tukums, in the central part of the rural area of Slampe (Slampes pagasts), on the left side of the Tukums – Jelgava road (at a distance of about 1.0 km from the road). The distance from the property to Riga is about 75 km, to the railway in Tukums – about 10 km, and to the Riga – Ventspils road – about 5 km.

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